Customized Precision: Developed by Experts

Development expertise, consulting service, project management: CPM Precision stands for premium quality from a single source. We offer precision components for the medical technology of today and tomorrow.

For more than two decades, we have been a leader in the development and production of high-precision components tailored to the stringent requirements of the medical technology sector. Our portfolio includes products for dental technology, orthopedics and ophthalmic surgery and is highly valued by specialists and clinics as well as their purchasers.

Consulting and Realization with a Focus on Implantology

Technical progress is our guide: We combine proven machining techniques with advanced methods such as 3-D printing to continually improve and modernize the development and production of non-active medical devices.

With its many years of industry experience as an excellent development partner CPM Precision can help you develop new, high-performance medical products. We support you from the concept to the finished product.

With your product portfolio in mind, we work with you to identify opportunities to develop innovations or optimize manufacturing and design processes. As an expert partner for medical technology, we show you how to realize innovative medical products that will give you a competitive edge.

Optimization of Production Processes

In order to increase the precision and speed of the production process, we continue to expand established procedures. For example, we use algorithmic models in the CAD process for topology optimization: The optimum material layout can be determined on the basis of the load, restrictions, and conditions you specify. This approach enables a design that, in addition to functionality, takes into account maximum efficiency in terms of the choice and quantity of materials.

Perfection in Surface Design

In surface design, we use proprietary processes and the latest technologies in order to optimally match the required surface characteristics to the parameters of components such as implants. The result is uniformly rough surfaces, homogeneous surface structures, and the desired purity of the surface – clear quality features that set our products apart.

Integration of Functions, Piece Number Variance, Rendering

Ideally, we integrate as many functions as possible into one component. For example, the integration of functions during the development phase helps to accelerate or refine established production processes.

We would be happy to check whether additive manufacturing is possible for your application – even for smaller quantities or with a lower budget. What’s more: On request, we can take over the rendering for product catalogs or show worst-case products for approval tests as part of FEM calculations. We support the production of prototypes and create all required initial sample test reports. We document all results of our development work in accordance with ISO 13485.

How Our Team Supports Your Development

The benchmark of the CPM Precision team is to exceed the requirements of our customers in the development of high-quality medical technology products. You experience this right from the development phase:


Initial consultation

The first step is to listen: What project do you have planned? What should your product do? What innovations on top of your portfolio are conceivable? Do you already have a specific vision or initial ideas? Or do you already have a completed specification sheet? No matter what briefing you have for us: Our experts can use these foundations to develop new medical technology products and build on them. We always have an open ear.



The briefing is followed by the design: Based on all specifications, we define the product attributes and functions as the basis for further cooperation. On request, we develop solutions to optimally implement all requirements and create designs that can be rendered for a visual product presentation.



Precision right from the start: In prototype production, our customers benefit from the intensive support of a specialized designer, who closely monitors production and can make further optimizations during the process in order to achieve the best possible result. Particularly in the case of turned and milled parts, where every micrometer of precision counts, fine-tuning often means that reworking can be avoided. This greatly reduces the time to market.

Once the prototype has been created, you can choose how to proceed: Whether CPM Precision implements series production and continues the process or outsources it.


First series

The prototype as a basis: Throughout the entire process of manufacturing an initial series, we continually monitor the quality requirements and quality assurance with the utmost care in accordance with our extremely high precision standards. Finally, in the last process step, the product is subjected to a final test (initial sample test report). The control of the successful design transfer to series production is particularly important.

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We Provide Lasting Inspiration: Your Advantages at a Glance

With our comprehensive technical expertise, we create innovative solutions that provide lasting inspiration. We are straightforward, flexible, and always open to individual requests. As an experienced development partner in medical technology, we are experts in processing methods that break new ground in terms of quality, precision, and cost reduction – even for established products.

  • As a full-service contract manufacturer and partner for medical technology, we support customers from the initial consultation to the creation of the prototype to series production. As a central point of contact for all steps, we can greatly accelerate the development and manufacturing processes.
  • Our experts are also on hand to deal with unexpected challenges and develop fast, flexible, and professional solutions for your components.
  • The advantage of complete in-house development through to exact implementation is the consistent precision afforded by our customized in-house machinery. This ensures consistent and reproducible quality at the highest level.
  • With great expertise, commitment, and partnership, your personal project manager will support you in developing your medical products.

Precision Is Our Motto. Development Is Our Passion

Consulting and development have always been among the most important services of CPM Precision. We have been developing projects and products for medical technology since 2000. We are responsible and reliable, straightforward, and always open to individual requests.

Our qualified team combines experience and innovative spirit. For example, in the spinal area as well as in the development of fixator systems. We are a sought-after partner for the technical verification of innovative and established medical devices.

From Trends in Medical Technology to Machinery: We Are Always Up-to-date

We are always well informed about what is happening in the medical technology sector and bring this expertise to our consulting services. In addition, our state-of-the-art equipment contributes to the efficient and high-quality implementation of your products.

Prime examples of precision: our references

We have been advising and supporting med-tech companies in product development for years. We would be pleased to inform you about some of our references.