Purity Guaranteed:
Advanced Packaging Processes for Medical Technology

After the production, further processing, and careful surface treatment of your component, we seamlessly transfer it to the final stages: Final cleaning and packaging are carried out before your product is safely shipped from our logistics center. The basis for packaging medical technology products cleanly and safely in accordance with all regulations is a controlled and hygienic environment.

Sterility and Safety: The Path to a Ready-to-use Medical Device

Final Cleaning

The validated final cleaning process at CPM Precision is fully automated and carried out in accordance with the strictest standards on our innovative cleaning system, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by regular tests at certified testing laboratories.

Clean Room Processes

The assembly, packaging, and primary packaging of your medical devices take place in our clean room, which is certified according to ISO class 7. This specially regulated environment complies with the strict specifications of DIN EN ISO 14644-1 regarding the maximum permissible number of particles. Consistent and thorough monitoring guarantees compliance with these standards in order to ensure the highest quality standard for your products.


We work with you to design a customized packaging solution that includes both primary and final packaging and which is precisely tailored to your requirements and preferences. Even the most complex packaging requirements is within the realm of possibility. We provide you with advice and assistance in selecting the optimum packaging and validating it.


In order to complete the finishing process of your products and to sterilize them if required, we cooperate with experienced external partners in sterilization. We are ready to work with you and our specialists to develop a tailored sterilization validation.