Surface Treatment

Customized Surfaces: For Medical Masterpieces

A key factor in the production of medical implants is surface treatment – a critical process that determines the longevity and success of your essential medical technology products. At CPM Precision, we know how important an excellent surface is. That’s why we are committed to developing and implementing customized solutions that exceed the specific requirements of our customers and fulfill the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Why Is Surface Treatment so Important?

Targeted processing of the implant surface improves osseointegration (i.e., the engraftment of the implant into the bone). This enables the stable and long-term anchoring of the implant. The surface treatment also supports the compatibility between the natural tissue and the dental implant. This is referred to as biocompatibility.

CPM Precision – Your Qualified Partner for a First-class Surface

Our performance promise for surface treatment: Maximum precision throughout the entire process – from the initial concept to the microstructured implant surface in series production. Since 2007, we have been continually expanding our expertise in order to create customized solutions that not only meet the requirements of our customers but also give their products a unique selling point through unique surface properties.

5 Steps to Series Production of Your Desired Surface Properties

Development of your requirements


Production of customized samples


Implementation of our joint feedback


Process realization


Series production


Fully Automated, Validated Processes: Customized and Digitally Monitored

Our validation for the surface design of customized products is based on blasting and etching. The required roughness, the desired surface appearance, and the customer-specific validation can be achieved using various blast media and blasting parameters combined with the etching process.

Our fully automated, state-of-the-art etching system is ideal for high-volume processing. We can thus guarantee you maximum precision and consistently high quality in this process step.

Why CPM Precision Is the Right Choice for the Surface Treatment of Your Products

  • Unsurpassed product quality: We exceed the highest quality standards and meet industry-specific requirements in order to achieve first-class results.
  • Efficiency and precision: Our processes are designed for maximum efficiency without compromising on precision.
  • Comprehensive experience: With our many years of expertise in many specialist areas of medical technology, we set industry standards. 
  • Complete service: conjunction with our wide range of services we offer you a comprehensive solution that is tailored to your specific needs.