Our Expertise for Medical Technology

As your partner in medical technology, CPM Precision combines in-depth industry knowledge with a comprehensive range of services. Our commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal partner for your medical technology projects.

Our Services at a Glance

On our sub-pages, you can find out how CPM Precision can support you in the individual service areas.

Development and consultation

We have a deep understanding of medical technology and support you from the initial idea through approval issues to the series production of your product. We aim to develop innovative solutions precisely tailored to your needs.

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Machining manufacturing

Manufacturing on CNC lathes: Specializing in the production of high-precision turned parts from machinable materials, in particular titanium, we meet the high quality and precision requirements of medical technology.

CNC milling centers: Our advanced CNC milling centers enable the precise and efficient machining of complex milled parts. This is a decisive factor for success in medical technology.

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Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing opens up new possibilities for medical technology by enabling the production of complex geometries that are difficult or impossible to realize using traditional methods.

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With specialized processes such as hardening, polishing, barrel finishing, and passivation, we improve not only the aesthetics of your products but also their wear resistance and functionality, which are crucial for medical applications.

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Surface treatment

Together, we design validated, individual surface properties and ensure first-class product quality by blasting and etching your components.

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In the final process step, we package your products in our clean room (ISO class 7) and, if required, we also arrange for sterilization in order to ensure immediate readiness for use in medical environments.

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Analysis, tests, and investigations

With the support of our sister company CPM Diagnostics GmbH, a DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test laboratory located directly on our premises, we guarantee comprehensive quality controls and material tests specifically for medical technology products.