Strong Finish: In Order to Achieve Absolute Precision

Purity, robustness, final inspection: In the finishing stage, the CPM Precision team carefully prepares the medical technology products for their intended use in accordance with your individual specifications as well as the requirements of the medical technology industry. Excellence in finishing is one of our success factors – every last detail is relevant.

Quality is Our Aspiration. In All Areas

At CPM Precision, finishing is a central pillar of our comprehensive range of services. Depending on the specifications, each component passes through various specialized workstations and tests in order to meet the highest quality standards and satisfy the individual requirements of our customers. Our finishing includes the following services:

Cleaning: Cleanliness Is a Must

Our cleaning processes set standards in efficiency and environmental compatibility. With the fully automated REK FC-500-VZ cleaning system, we achieve impressive results in cleaning, degreasing, and drying. This environmentally friendly solution is characterized by low-emission filter drying and continuous treatment of the medium. The system is not only validated but also regularly tested by external laboratories for cleanliness and purity of the parts.

For sensitive parts made of plastic or aluminum, we offer gentle ultrasonic cleaning that guarantees uncompromising cleanliness.

Quality Assurance: Tested Precision for Every Part

Our intermediate inspection experts check all finished and externally delivered parts.

This ensures that every part is cleaned and passes on to the next process line in perfect condition.

Surface Finishing: Flawless and Radiantly Beautiful

At CPM Precision, surface finishing is essential for the protection and quality of your medical products. For example, we use precise hardening processes to increase the wear resistance of your components.

Polishing and barrel finishing ensure an aesthetically pleasing and functionally critical surface finish. Using finely tuned brushes, your components are polished to a high gloss on the polishing stand and deburred in order to achieve a flawless surface. Bright polishing and partial polishing are done with special polishing paste and appropriately selected brushes. During barrel finishing, the parts are first deburred and then barrel finished to a bright finish. The barrel finishing process is carried out with special abrasive media (ceramic abrasive media, plastic abrasive media) and compound in accordance with the respective surface requirements. These processes ensure that every product meets the high demands of medical applications and complies with aesthetic and hygiene standards.

Our range of finishing services also includes anodizing and passivating certain components, whereby special color requirements are implemented by external partners.

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Laser Marking Individual Labeling

With our state-of-the-art laser device, which is equipped with integrated camera inspection, our laser specialists mark or label parts in accordance with your wishes and requirements. This device is suitable for small to large and geometrically complex parts made from various materials, including titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Final Inspection: Precise Testing of All Individual Parts

The final inspection is carried out by our experienced inspection team, who performs a 100% product inspection based on customer specifications and requirements. We use state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure the quality of each individual part and sort out good parts and any rejects. The optical inspection is carried out on an Olympus stereo microscope, and the dimensions of the items are measured on modern digital profile projectors and measuring microscopes and digitally recorded in our system.

On request, we can also carry out a surface treatment before the final inspection. In the final inspection, each order is completed (including final quantity determination and inspection documents), carefully packed, and prepared for dispatch to our logistics center.

At CPM Precision, finishing is more than just a final step – it’s our promise to our customers that every detail counts and that every detail is right.

Module Assembly: Highest Quality in SET

In module assembly, we combine various items into SET articles according to customer requirements. Most parts come from our own production, only a few components such as springs or pins are sourced externally. Our focus is on the functionality and requirements of the assembled items, which are subjected to a final inspection before assembly is completed.

At CPM Precision, we are committed to excellence – also in every step of the testing and in further processing. Our state-of-the-art laser and cleaning systems ensure the highest level of quality.