Your Backbone for Highly Complex Spinal Implants

Whether pedicle screws for stabilizing vertebral bodies, cages for disc replacement, or systems for external fixation: CPM Precision produces highly complex implants for spine surgery and thus greatly contributes to the success of the operation.

Our Portfolio for Orthopedics

Implant Systems for the Interbody Fusion of Vertebral Bodies

Implant Systems for the Replacement of Vertebral Bodies

Implants to Stabilize the Sacroiliac Joint

External Fixation Systems

High-precision Implant Systems for the Interbody Fusion of Vertebral Bodies

For certain diseases of the lumbar spine, a fusion operation can no longer be avoided. Titanium rods are used to stabilize the vertebral bodies affected. These rods are connected to the vertebral bodies with pedicle screws.
cages cages cages cages
The damaged intervertebral disc must often be removed in parallel with the fixation using screws and rods. Instead of the intervertebral disc, titanium cages can be used to stabilize the intervertebral disc space. Bone can then grow back into this space. This restores the natural curvature and stability of the spine.

Depending on the surgical site or access, we distinguish between different types of cage, all of which are part of our orthopedic portfolio

  • ALIF cages (anterior lumbar intersegmental fusion)
  • PLIF cages (posterior lumbar intersegmental fusion)
  • TLIF cages (transforaminal lumbar intersegmental fusion)
  • Cervical cages for stabilizing the cervical spine

These cages (also at CPM Precision) used to be produced conventionally on CNC milling machines. Products manufactured on 3-D printers are now well established on the market. These cages offer far greater functionality and freedom of form.

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Implant Systems for the Replacement of Vertebral Bodies

If vertebral bodies are severely altered, affected by tumors, no longer able to handle a load because of fractures, or destroyed by inflammatory processes, they must be completely or partially replaced. For these cases, we produce adjustable vertebral replacement bodies for the chest and cervical spine.

Implants to Stabilize the Sacroiliac Joint

These implants offer a minimally invasive option for the treatment of SI joint dysfunctions caused by degenerative changes, trauma, osteoarthritis, or other conditions.

External Fixation Systems

External fixation systems are required to stabilize open or unstable fractures and for use when soft tissue injury prevents other fracture treatments. We can also manufacture these products for you.

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